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Recruitment specialists for the feature film, tv broadcast, tv commercials & games industries

How We Work For You

Information we require from you

In order to help you fill a vacancy, we need you to provide the following:

  • the name and nature of your business (if we haven’t worked with you before);
  • the date on which you require a Candidate to commence work and the duration, or likely duration, of the work;
  • the position which you seek to fill, including the type of work a Candidate in that position would be required to do, the location at which and the hours during which they would be required to work and, if applicable, any risks to health or safety known to you and what steps you have taken to prevent or control such risks;
  • the experience, training, qualifications and any authorisation which you consider are necessary, or which are required by law, or by any professional body, for a Candidate to possess in order to work in the position;
  • any expenses payable by or to the work-seeker;
  • the minimum rate of remuneration and any other benefits which you would offer to a person in the position which it seeks to fill, and the intervals at which the person would be paid; and
  • where applicable, the length of notice which a Candidate in such a position would be required to give, and entitled to receive, to terminate the employment with you.

After we have received the information.

We will review your requirements and contact those of our Candidates whom we consider would make the best match. We will provide them with the details of vacancy specification and any graphics and text information that you allow us to show them, to help them decide if the role is right for them.

If a Candidate is confident that they are suitable for your vacancy, we will introduce them to you

It’s at this stage that:

  • we will send you their cv and graphic samples plus any additional information they want us to include, relevant to your vacancy;
  • we will tell you why we think they are right for the vacancy; and
  • when they are available for work.

If you wish to interview our Candidate

We will arrange this with you and our Candidate and phone and email you with:

  • the date and time of your interview with our Candidate;
  • confirmation of the vacancy that you are interviewing them for as we understand it to be; and
  • a request for the names of your colleagues who will be interviewing them too.

When you decide that you want to offer our Candidate a freelance role, we will write asking you to confirm:

  • the start date and time plus duration of the contract.
  • the job title that you’re hiring our Candidate for.
  • our Candidate’s remuneration and any extra costs you have agreed to pay to them (for example, travel);
  • our recruitment fee; and
  • to whom they and we need to submit invoices.

We will then write to our Candidate asking them to confirm.

When we have received our Candidate’s written Confirmation acceptance we will notify you that our Candidate will commence Freelance work with your company

When you want to offer a permanent staff position to our Candidate…

We will ask you to send an Offer of Employment Letter and Employment Contract to our Candidate and that you provide us with copies of the same. The Offer of Employment Letter and Employment Contract should make clear:

  • the job title and its description that your business is offering to our Candidate
  • the salary and benefits offered to them, too.

Whether you employ or engage our Candidates for freelance or permanent roles, it is your responsibility to contract with and pay them.

We introduce Candidates, we do not run a payroll service.

We invoice our clients an introduction fee as set out in Terms and Conditions for Clients – these are in English.

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