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CV advice

Job History

  • Your Job Title, Job Skills. Company Name.
  • Starting with your most recent job and going backwards in time
  • Month/Year start and finish dates.
  • Names of Titles you worked on and everything that you did on these titles, each containing the following skills.


  • CG Skills: 2D/3D - Artistic and Technical (Scripting, Programming)
  • Traditional Art Skills: Concept art, film making, photography, sculpture
  • Management: Number of people and their skills. What they did under your supervision (scheduling, budgets, deadlines, client liaison).
  • Software Skills

    3D | 2D | Compositing | Scripting | Programming (and how long you have been using them)


    University education only, unless you haven't been to University, in which case please mention your A level school subjects

    Hobbies and Interests

    If you want to work in the games industry, mention the names of the games you have enjoyed playing. If appropriate, a summary of projects you're currently developing ( e.g. making a Game or your own Film or an Invention you're working on in your spare time). Then mention your other interests.


  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Email
  • If including your current employer, please mention whether it's ok for Animated People and/or our Clients to contact them.

    Your first interview

    Once our Client has decided to interview you, we will help you to prepare so that you feel confident. We will encourage you visit their Website and offer background information about our client and their company's people to you. Many Clients interview our Candidate for the first time without all the decision makers present.

    We recommend that you prepare your own shortlist of questions for our Clients including...

    Where could I find myself with your company in the next year or three?

    What benefits you have to offer the company

    Remind them of all the relevant skills, software, technical and any management, client experience you may have that overlaps with their Job Specification. Tell them what additional skills you have that will benefit the team, project title, company and therefore it's clients.

    What benefits the company has to offer you

    Let them know about what it is about the projects, the people the company that is most appealing to you, in the short and longer term. This reassures our Client that you will be happy there for a good period of time

    We recommend after the 1st interview that you write to our Clients. Thanking them for giving you their time, mentioning the names of the folks you've met of course.

    "I look forward to hearing from you soon"

    95% of times this results in our Client either making you an offer of employment, offering a 2nd interview or sending a prompt reply. This also assists those missing decision makers with information your 1st interviewer may or may not have passed on to them.

    Your second interview

    Our Client will often want to give you and his team a chance to see how you'll get on. He/She may wait for the opportunity to discuss you with their people, after this interview and before making an offer. Then, our Client will make you an offer or say that they will contact us in a few days with an offer of employment or decision.

    Once you have started your new position, Animated People Recruitment will keep in touch with you during your settling in period to make sure you're happy with the Project, the Job, the Company and most importantly, the People..

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